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Ribbon Trails & Property gravel driveway renovating base and pothole removal, with proper crown for drainage with a tractor, drum roller forcompaction, and dump truck for delivery.

Driveway & Tractor  Service

Gravel driveway repair, yearly maintenance, RV parking installations, parking additions, culvert replacement, and more. We remove ruts and potholes, regrade and restore the crown, and leave a smooth surface. With our Harley power rake we also regrade yards to improve surface drainage, and spread new topsoil.     

Example of multi-use mountain bike trail, insloped switchback construction on Evolution Trail built by Ribbon Trails & Property, Waitsfield, Vermont

Sustainable Trail Building

We design and build sustainable multi-use trails with mechanized equipment and techniques. Our clients are town and state agencies, nonprofit conservation and trail groups, like the Vermont Mountain Bike Association, and landowners seeking professional design and building solutions for ATV use, mountain biking, and walking trails.  

Single track mountain bike trail and multi-use trail design and contruction services, built by machine, Ribbon Trails & Property, Vermont

Skid Steer Service

 We access properties that are out of reach for other contractors with our ASV 48" wide skid steer. Its tracks leave a lighter impact than other machines and have incredible traction to climb up and down steep hillsides found at lake and ski properties.

Ribbon Trails & Property skid steer service hauling or transporting construction debris for removal from  Lake Bomoseen, residential site, Castleton, Vermont

Mini Excavator Service - Small Site Work

We work with other contractors and homeowners alike for small site work projects. Examples include buried utilities, ditching and drainage, brush removal, property clean-ups, and more. We are experienced at getting into difficult places. 

Ribbon Trails & Property Excavator Service in Castleton, Vermont,  at a residential home site
Owner of Ribbon Trails & Property, Andrew G. Bentley installing a multi-use bridge over a seasonal drainage with a rock armor or hardened approach and exit

Meet the Owner


A client best described our approach when they remarked that we are "...really particular about the work." Be it pleasing trails and smooth driveways, to beautifying your property, we care about the process and the results. For us, being "particular" has come to represent our intentionality in our projects and dedication to do our professional best with the conditions we're given.  


  • Equipment experience in mountain environments (excavators, loaders, boom lifts)

  • Professional training: Chainsaw Safety (Game of Logging Levels 1-4), Wilderness First Responder, Swiftwater Rescue Technician, Telemark Ski Instructor

  • Professional experience designing and managing outdoor recreation programs and facilities

  • Guided hundreds of groups in remote settings: up to month-long expedition field trips

  • Keen eye for risk management and problem-solving

Academic Preparation

  • Ph.D. Natural Resources, University of Idaho

  • M.S. Outdoor Recreation, Indiana University 

  • B.A. Geology, State University of New York, Potsdam

Favorite Quotes

  • "You have to take your fun seriously" 

  • "Trails need to be swoopy!"

- Jim LaFortune, past mentor, RIP

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